Festival Info 2016

Buckin Wild Music Fest: July 20-23, 2017


Live Music, Camping, Songwriters Showcase, After Music Beach Party, Water Slide, Wake Boarding!

The following was a press release before we decided to move Festival to Lost Lakes Entertainment Complex in Oklahoma City.

Don’t miss out on what many call the Woodstock of Country & Red Dirt Music! Buckin’ Wild Music Fest is a four day music festival featuring an amazing lineup of Country, Tejano and Red Dirt road artists.
I have been asked, “Why are you doing this festival?” I had never been asked just why, but I’ve been told many times, “You’re crazy! It’s not going to work.” I asked, “Why not?”

June 2-3

My wife Annette and I moved to Sayre, OK five years ago and fell in love with Western Oklahoma. We wanted to do something that would celebrate what we know is great about this part of the country.  We know the people here are truly exceptional – tough, hardworking, good people.  We also know music is the universal language, and that bull riding is an iconic part of the culture here.
We are excited to be moving the 5th annual to Flying W Guest Ranch in Rd Elk City, Ok.
I know Country music, and after moving here from Nashville, I learned about Red Dirt music.  Having researched many festivals, I found none that mixed the two.  I thought it would be great to have a festival bringing Country and Red Dirt artists together, as both have a lot to offer, along with some great bull riding.  I saw a whole lot of people having a great time.
In July, 2014, our first year, 3,000 showed up, and many asked if we were going to do it again. The plan from the beginning was to make this an annual event, hoping that we would one day hear people calling BWMF their festival. We want people to take pride and ownership of the festival.  We witnessed old friends reunite that hadn’t seen each other in years.  They told us they wanted the same camping spots next year.  It was a good, encouraging start.
We plan to improve the festival each year while keeping the costs affordable for everyone.  This is where our sponsors come in: We want to see this whole region blessed, businesses prosper and people enjoying an annual festival that truly belongs to them. Sponsoring BWMF is saying we believe in our community and culture and want them to have a place they can enjoy great music, bull riding and have a wonderful time! A business man said to me, “I am so glad you are doing this out here, I was afraid you weren’t going to do it again. We sure had a good time last year.”
We are doing it again. We are so impressed with all the small towns around here, and the pride each person has in their roots. Being a sponsor is a way of saying thank you. People notice and it means a lot to them.
Please call (615) 573-3074 for sponsorship. This is your festival and it would be great to have your business represented. May your business prosper, and you, your family and your employees have great health.
Be Blessed & Enjoy the Journey!
Donny Liles
Managing Partner,
ALL Entertainment LLC